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Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer Metallic Grey

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Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer Metallic Grey

Elchim knows the importance of using light and well balanced dryers; for this reason, Elchim has developed Elchim Light Ionic Ceramic. Extremely light with 35% less weight than other Elchim dryers and very powerful. An ergonomical dryer focused on comfort at the highest levels.

The Elchim Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer is top of its category for balance in use, lightness and reduction of engine noise. With an integrated air concentrator and quick-lock system, optimised for high temperatures, the dryer also features a cold air button with controlled action. The ergonomical handle makes gripping easier than ever.

Powerful hot air flow reduces time, leaving hair looking perfect thanks to the ionic and ceramic systems, which enhances the hair moistness and shininess.

Manufactured with recyclable materials to respect the environment. 1900-2200W, 220-240v. 

Product Code: 91480

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