How to Choose the Right Straighteners!

Tips on choosing straighteners that will last!



Let’s face it; straighteners aren’t the cheapest part of your hair care artillery! That’s why it’s time to buy a new set of straighteners; you want to make sure you make the right decision. No fear though, we’re here to give you a professional guide to getting your new styler!

Get the right straightener for your hair!

When buying straighteners people often overlook that your hair type should dictate what sort of straighteners you should get. If you have hair that is either long, course or thick you should go for a straightener with larger and wider plates such as the Diva Feel the Heat Wide Argan Styler! Alternatively, if you have shorter hair you might be better suited to a thinner straightener such as Babyliss Ultra Thin Styler when perfecting your crop or fringe.

Product Functions!

If you are anything like us, things can slip your mind from time to time! That is why it can often be a good idea to buy a straightener such as the Corioliss C2 that has a sleep mode. This means the straighteners switch off themselves off if unused for 30 minutes making “Oh no! I’ve left my straighteners on” moment a thing of the past.

Fashion and Hair Trends!

You don’t want to be limited to the styles you can create, so, in order to have a wealth of styles at your fingertips we recommend choosing a styler with a rounder barrel so you can flick, curl and wave to achieve the perfect look!

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