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2011 Top 10 Countdown - Thursday, December 15, 2011

With 2012 fast approaching, Salon Secrets have decided to have a break from the Christmas festivities and take a look at our little black book of top beauty and hair trends from 2011. With the likes of Lip Transfers and Magnetic Manicures being the ones to watch for next year, we thought we would countdown some of our favourite trends from this year.

Shimmer and shine has been huge, and with the ever growing popularity of customised nails, it is a no brainer that glitter varnish has been a big hit his year. With the launch of every colour that sparkles possible, glitter varnish has been a massive success, which is why at number 10 we have listed this Orly Hair Band polish.
Hairdryers are a styling must and with an ever growing variety of fashionable hair trends, it makes sense to have the best of the best, which in our humble opinion is this all singing all dancing Parlux dryer. This compact Parlux dryer is small, lightweight, and powerful and has an inbuilt silencer; it is therefore no surprise that this has been a huge triumph this year.
At number 8, we have hair padding…living the lie has never been simpler. These easy to insert pads and rings, will give you an instant lift and style with little effort.
Perfect curls have never been so easy since Conical wands, every curly headed beauty must have one of these to hand. With a variety of perfect curls to create, with no kinks or flaws, it is no wonder that they have become the most popular choice of hair stylers. One of our faves is this Diva Hot Wand.


Big hair has been so popular this past year and with certain reality TV programmes making them an actual fashion accessory, it has become increasingly popular to stroll the shops with your rollers firmly placed..ahem Desperate Scousewives, which is why we have made rollers our number 6.



The year of the ‘rah’ is well and truly upon us, with like likes of ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ever increasingly fashionable ‘preppy’ clothing brands, it is no wonder that messy hair has been a catwalk regular. Which is why at number 5 we have listed this Osis Dust it powder, adding instant volume and texture makes it a product favourite.


Tans have never gone out of fashion and with increased health warnings over skin damage, false tan has never been so popular. We all have our favourite brands, but at Salon Secrets we strongly recommend this tan by SunJunkie, the lovely coconut smell, reasonable price and even application makes this product the way forward


At number three are False Eyelashes, which quite frankly are HUGELY popular. With feathers, sparkles, jewels different colours and sizes you would be forgiven for getting confused at which style to go for. Eye art is the way forward and at Salon Secrets we are proud to offer you an array of styles to take you through to 2012.


At number two we have the hair miracle that is the BaByliss Triple Barrel Waver. Hair waves are trending among numerous celebrities this year and you can now rival their style with a variety of soft tousled waves to classic 40's finger waves.


Drum roll please… number one, our favourite product of 2011 is the Osmo Berber Oil. The Moroccan secret has been our beauty saviour adding a shine and condition to our hair like no other hair product it is no wonder that this has been kept quiet for so long. This sweet smelling substance is one of our all-time fave hair products.

Here's to the fun fashion and frolics of 2012.

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