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The Guam Effect - Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In 1968 the first reference to the term “cellulite” in the English language was a quote from Vogue magazine:

Like a swift migrating fish, the word cellulite has suddenly crossed the Atlantic.

After a heavy Christmas period of piling on those winter pounds, Guam could be just the trick for you. Before commencing your new year's resolution, take a look at what Salon Secrets has to offer.

Guam has proven their results through clinical trials, showing on average a 2cm inch loss of each area measured, equating to 22" for a full body wrap just using cling film, is possible. Guam Clinical Trial Results also prove reduction in cellulite and adipose fatty tissue, detoxifying, increased micro circulation, elasticity, firmness of the skin and a feeling of wellbeing all one treatment. One of the most effective products in reducing cellulite, Guam treatments addresses the root cause, working deep into the subcutaneous level of the skin and the added caffeine stimulates movement of cutaneous fat, with added algae specifically selected to assist with cellulite conditions, Guam really is one of the most effective products out there in reducing cellulite and those stubborn pounds.

Take a look at some of the products Guam has to offer here.

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