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Paint Yourself Pretty! - Friday, April 20, 2012

Over the past few years nail art seems to of risen from nowhere, with awards, competitions and exhibitions all collaborating to bring the most stylish technicians to the forefront.  Boy have we been overwhelmed, who knew some designs where even possible let alone achievable!  But, if like us, you have been caught up in this quick moving trend you will be happy to hear we have some simple tricks up our sleeve to help you at home.

In our new ‘Special Effects’ category you will find 3D glitter varnish, Holographic Topcoat, Crackle Top Coats and Magnetic Polish in various colours. More than enough to get you started in your quest to rival the professionals.  And if your impressed with your finished results, then you can bet we will be so send us a picture of your finished products to either our Facebook or Twitter. Happy Painting!

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Perfecting your Nails! - Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Having beautiful nails is something women across the world abide by, up there with having beautiful hair - perfecting your nails is a beauty must. But if like most women you have nail problems, whether you can’t stop biting them or perhaps they are on the brittle side, we have just the tricks for you.

Orly No Bite is a unique bitter tasting nail bite deterrent that helps break the habit, leaving you with healthy and strong nails while promoting nail growth.
Orly Ridgefiller is a smoothing primer and basecoat composed of a unique blend of minerals that actively fills in ridges and evens the nail surface.
Orly Tough Cookie is a nail strengthener enriched with extracts that reinforces soft, brittle nails, enabling nails to grow long, strong and smooth.
Orly Nailtrition is perfect or peeling and split nails that just won't grow. This two week treatment programme will give you the results you have been looking for.
Or if you are looking for a quick and easy simple trick, try this 4 way buffer. Simply shape your nails with the file, buff over each nail with the slightly ruff side of the buffer and then use the smooth side to give your nails an immediate shine. You will notice much better condition in your nails, as well as longer wear from your nail varnish.
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Paint Yourself Perfect! - Monday, January 9, 2012

Unless you are a trained professional, achieving those perfectly painted talons isn’t the easiest challenge to come by. If, like many, you have two left hands, painting your nails can end up looking like you have been customised by a 5 year old. Whether you’re unable to keep within the lines or you’re constantly smudging your nails, we understand how difficult it is to keep your fingers looking impeccable. That’s why at Salon Secrets we offer the most innovative solutions to your sticky situations!

Firstly we have the Essie Nail Corrector:
Tidy up your nails with this corrector pen, cleaning the edges of your nails removing the excess polish you will never know that you didn’t get it right the first time. This pen can even be used to tidy up smile lines on a French manicure. This pen is effortless and even comes with a ‘handy’ replacement tip.
For those of you on a budget we have this Nail Polish Corrector Pen:
At half the price this corrector pen will tidy up your nails without breaking the bank. Designed to clean around the edges of your nail, you have no excuse not to have immaculately painted nails!
Finally we have the Orly Smudge Fixer:
We have all done it, painted our nails like a true professional to then go and smudge it. Well now you can repair that flawless finish with this smudge fixer from Orly. The magical formula means you can simply paint over the smudged nail to restore the polish perfection, truly amazing!

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Orl(y) want for Christmas...! - Friday, December 23, 2011

Here at Salon Secrets HQ we love to help you achieve that fresh from the salon look, today we’re going to be sharing some nail secrets with you!  If you’re a glitter girl then you are going to love these mini Orly nail polishes! 

If you are feeling experimental or just looking to add a twist to your favourite nail polish colour, we would definitely recommend giving Orly’s Tiara nail polish a try.  It’s a clear-based silver glitter nail polish, that works as a stand-alone colour after a couple of coats, or it can give a little extra sparkle to your favourite every day shades to make them party-tastic in a flash! 
Try it with Orly’s Gumdrop polish for an icy winter nails look!
Get your gold sparkly fix!  This clear-based gold glitter nail polish is great for layering over your favourite warm-coloured nail polishes, or for wearing on its own.  Why don’t you try painting just the ends with the gold glitter for instant party glamour! 
Try it over Orly’s Ruby polish to achieve this effect!
It’s pink, it’s glittery, it’s in-your-face-80s!  Orly VIP is a versatile glitter nail polish…the clear base is packed full of pink glitter, so you can build up layers with it, or wear over a coloured nail polish.  It’s a fun little polish; glam and girly just how we like it! 
Try it over Orly’s Rage polish for the ultimate fun party nails!

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Red-y for Christmas - Monday, December 12, 2011

It’s that time of year again, and at Salon Secrets we couldn’t be more excited!  Tis the season to drink, be merry and paint the town red…well, our nails anyway!  

There’s only one colour on our minds right now, and to celebrate this festive period we’ve rounded up our favourite red nail polishes from Orly to get you through the party season in style!  From bold and bright to dark and mysterious, there’s a shade for every glam girl!

From Left to Right:

Haute Red
– We love the Haute Red nail polish!  It’s a bright cherry red polish with a cream finish.  This flaming red shade works well on all skin tones and looks just as fabulous in the summertime as it does at Christmas (a great justification, we reckon!)  A staple nail polish for any collection, this is a definite must have!
Cherry Bomb – Cherry Bomb is a bold, bright and beautifully racy red nail polish.  We think it’s perfect for Christmas parties, as it’s got just the right combination of glitz and glamour to make sure you’re catching all the right attention…! 
Monroes Red – Sexy and seductive, this nail polish is everything we loved about Marilyn herself!  It’s a gorgeous red candy-cane shade, that’s desperate to be flaunted…Santa chic?  We think so!
Reel Him In – We think Reel Him In looks absolutely glorious on all skin tones!  It’s a warm, jewel toned ruby nail polish with a subtle shimmer finish.  A perfect all-rounder to see you through the Winter, its high gloss finish will leave your nails sparkling!
Forever Crimson – Forever Crimson is a deep shade of red with a sophisticated shimmer finish.  Reminding us of fiery candy apples, this nail polish will take you from day to night effortlessly…it’s the ultimate must-have for understated glamour this Christmas!
Crawfords Wine – Crawford’s Wine is a rich wine-red nail polish, the perfect signature colour for the refined glamour girls among us!  And, the delicate shimmer makes it perfect for all skin tones too!
Moonlit Madness – Not for the faint-hearted, this deep burgundy shade oozes confidence and sophistication.  Perfect for after-dark soirees, the delicate shimmering metallic finish is cultured and distinguished.  


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