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80's Style Crimping! - Friday, January 13, 2012

All fashion decades make a comeback at some point and with the 80’s being a fashion focal point for last year and this year, it is no surprise that crimped hair is a fashion must.

At some point in most young girls livess we have been a proud owner of crimping irons, so whether you’re lucky enough to dust off your retro numbers or modern enough to buy a new shiny pair we have some crazy wacky styles for all you budding fashionistas.
For a bit of lift:
For limp and flat hair that simply needs a lift, mini crimpers are just the trick for you. Taking sections of your hair from underneath the top layer of hair, crimp the roots only. Then smooth your top layer of hair over to hide your little secret. This gives you instant height and volume without dramatically changing your look.
For a touch of style:
For those of you who aren’t quite ready to go the full crimp, simply take small random sections of your hair and crimp these pieces from the root to tip. This will give you a hint of style without all that large hair to handle!
For masses of style:
Dare to volumise? Think you have got what it takes to handle a mane? Using these crimpers, section all of your hair into medium size sections and crimp from root to tip. You will soon be looking like you have stepped out of a time machine from the 80’s.


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Smooth Styling! - Friday, January 6, 2012

Smooth Styling

These days, getting sleek and silky locks has never been easier, just a small slick of Argan Oil will smooth and tame your unruly tresses in an instant! Harvested from the legendary “tree of life”, this Moroccan natural oil is great for cosmetic purposes, and more importantly, it moisturises and calms frizzy hair leaving you with a deliciously shiny ‘do to die for.
We’re die-hard Argan oil fans here at Salon Secrets (as you can probably tell), so imagine our excitement to discover that Diva have launched a brand new range of straighteners with a new “special ingredient"… Not only do the Argan Stylers offer all the usual features of a straightener, but they have floating argan oil infused plates too!  These smooth snag-free plates will leave your hair silky and damage free, infusing your hair with a small dose of the oil as it glides through. Sounds good, yes?
There are four stylers to choose from depending on your hair type:
If you’ve got a short ‘do then this Diva Feel The Heat Slim Argan Styler is definitely for you! We also think it’s great if you’re looking to do detailed work around your hairline, as the narrow plates give you more control and precision!
The Diva Feel The Heat Intelligent Digital Styler will bring out your creative side! It is a universal hair straightener, perfect for curls, flicks and waves as well as super-shiny straight styles!
For long, frizzy or thick hair, there is only one solution - the Diva Feel The Heat Wide Argan Styler! Ideal for straightening or to create beautiful, voluminous, bouncy curls, this styler will tackle those tricky tresses in no time! 
Top of the class, the Diva Feel The Heat Elite Argan Styler is a premium hair straightener to give your hair a silky smoothness and a sensational finish. Heating up to 180 degrees in 20 seconds, these state of the art hair straighteners get hot enough for even the thickest hair. Boasting a superior performance to the standard argan stylers, once you go Elite you won’t want to go back!

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Wave your magic wand! - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A head full of beautiful curls is not something which most of us are blessed with…that’s why we’re pleased we’ve found these Glamour Wands from Corioliss.



Conjuring up curls or gentle rolling waves has never been so easy, even with the most lifeless of hair!  The CoriolissPlatinum Zebra and Red Leopard Glamour Wands benefit from negative ion and far infrared technologies, which means you can wave goodbye to static hair and frizz.  The professional temperature control lets you decide how hot you want to go, with a choice of any temperature between 60 and 190°C, and it heats up in less than 30 seconds!



Make sure your party hair is how you like it, with our magical glamour wand tips:
  •  If you want tight curls then wrap small sections of hair tightly round the barrel and leave to curl for a few seconds.
  •  If you want looser curls then wrap wider sections.
  •   For a modern look don't wind the barrel up to the root. Leave a couple of inches straight at the root.
  • Use a lower heat setting to create looser curls and wavy styles.
If, like us, you like things that match, then check out these Corioliss straighteners in Platinum Zebra and Red Leopard!






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Award Worthy Styling - Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last week we brought to you the launch of our wonderful new website with the introduction to our very own style channel, SSTV. We have had a great response from you and we are so excited to see that you’re using our professional tutorials to your styling advantage.

For those of you who have seen our channel you may recognise the fabulous Sophia Hilton from Brooks + Brooks. This talented young lady is one to watch, not only on our screens but professionally, having just won the Creative Heads 2011 ‘The One to Watch (Female)’ award. With publications in the likes of Grazia and City & Guilds and entering as a finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards for ‘Newcomer of the year 2011’, Sophia continues to be ‘ahead’ of the rest.
Among Sophia’s other accolades are our very own SSTV Diva tutorials, guiding you through her bag-of-tricks Sophia demonstrates her polished techniques using the Diva Hot Wand, Diva Mini Pro Waves and many more, meaning you will be creating a masterpiece barnet in no time. Don’t say we never do anything for you.


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