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The Desperate Way! - Monday, January 30, 2012

Making headlines today is the effect reality TV has had on our economic growth. Following the launch of The Only Way is Essex, other cities have wanted a piece of the reality pie too, introducing their latest crazes to the women and men of Britain; Essex has the Vajazzle, Liverpool has the Scouse brows and Newcastle now has the, erm…kebab scented perfume?!


Since 2010 these shows have racked up an incredible amount of cash through viewing figures, P.A’s, clothing brands, stores and beauty products. A study conducted by The Sun showed that on average we have spent £100 each on beauty products presented to us by these shows, totalling to £1.4billion since 2010. Sales figures show that Vajazzles are up by 400%, Fake Tan by 89% and False Eyelashes by 249%. It’s no wonder that the stars of the show such as Lauren Goodger and Lauren Pope are branching off and launching their own tanning and hair extension ranges. And this doesn’t include the increased tourism Newz Bar and The Sugar Hut have more than likely benefited from. Interestingly Brentwood in Essex was once dubbed ‘The most boring town in Britain’, how far from the truth could this be now?

Quite simply reality T.V has done wonders for sales and tourism booms (depending on who you speak to). It just begs the question of: which City is next?

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