The Guam Effect - Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In 1968 the first reference to the term “cellulite” in the English language was a quote from Vogue magazine:

Like a swift migrating fish, the word cellulite has suddenly crossed the Atlantic.

After a heavy Christmas period of piling on those winter pounds, Guam could be just the trick for you. Before commencing your new year's resolution, take a look at what Salon Secrets has to offer.

Guam has proven their results through clinical trials, showing on average a 2cm inch loss of each area measured, equating to 22" for a full body wrap just using cling film, is possible. Guam Clinical Trial Results also prove reduction in cellulite and adipose fatty tissue, detoxifying, increased micro circulation, elasticity, firmness of the skin and a feeling of wellbeing all one treatment. One of the most effective products in reducing cellulite, Guam treatments addresses the root cause, working deep into the subcutaneous level of the skin and the added caffeine stimulates movement of cutaneous fat, with added algae specifically selected to assist with cellulite conditions, Guam really is one of the most effective products out there in reducing cellulite and those stubborn pounds.

Take a look at some of the products Guam has to offer here.

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Orl(y) want for Christmas...! - Friday, December 23, 2011

Here at Salon Secrets HQ we love to help you achieve that fresh from the salon look, today we’re going to be sharing some nail secrets with you!  If you’re a glitter girl then you are going to love these mini Orly nail polishes! 

If you are feeling experimental or just looking to add a twist to your favourite nail polish colour, we would definitely recommend giving Orly’s Tiara nail polish a try.  It’s a clear-based silver glitter nail polish, that works as a stand-alone colour after a couple of coats, or it can give a little extra sparkle to your favourite every day shades to make them party-tastic in a flash! 
Try it with Orly’s Gumdrop polish for an icy winter nails look!
Get your gold sparkly fix!  This clear-based gold glitter nail polish is great for layering over your favourite warm-coloured nail polishes, or for wearing on its own.  Why don’t you try painting just the ends with the gold glitter for instant party glamour! 
Try it over Orly’s Ruby polish to achieve this effect!
It’s pink, it’s glittery, it’s in-your-face-80s!  Orly VIP is a versatile glitter nail polish…the clear base is packed full of pink glitter, so you can build up layers with it, or wear over a coloured nail polish.  It’s a fun little polish; glam and girly just how we like it! 
Try it over Orly’s Rage polish for the ultimate fun party nails!

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Faking it has never been so easy! - Thursday, December 22, 2011

Faking it has never been so easy, with a range of brands offering various tanning solutions; it really feels like you can’t get away from the stuff. The trouble is, like hair dye, you can never guarantee the outcome until a few hours later, and by then it can be too late.  That’s why understanding application and being confident in the product you choose is SO important.

At Salon Secrets the reason we have faith in the products we sell is because we have had first-hand experience. Sunjunkie has become one of the ‘big boys’ in the tanning industry, rivalling household brand names with their availability, reasonable cost and impressive results, and the delicious coconut aroma makes for a pleasant application. So what makes Sunjunkie the tanning choice in our books? Well other than the aforementioned, it is a really good overall tan, it’s easily applied, it develops evenly and has a perfectly natural result.

Top tips on applying Sunjunkie tan:

  •         Moisturise and exfoliate the day before your tan, using Sunjunkie Exfoliating Gel and a scent free moisturiser.
  •         Do not wear deodorant or moisturiser for at least two hours before.
  •         Add moisturiser to dry areas and joints, such as knees, elbows and ankles.
  •         Add Sunjunkie Barrier Cream to your palms and soles of your feet, to prevent tan grabbing here.
  •         Apply tan to a Sunjunkie Tanning Mitt and smooth over skin, making sure you cover all areas.
  •         Do not worry about rubbing the tan in, as long as you have covered all areas the tan will develop evenly.         
  •       Wash your tan off 6-8 hours with Sunjunkie Tan Safe Body Shampoo and keep yourself moisturised with Sunjukie After Care Moisturiser.


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Wave your magic wand! - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A head full of beautiful curls is not something which most of us are blessed with…that’s why we’re pleased we’ve found these Glamour Wands from Corioliss.



Conjuring up curls or gentle rolling waves has never been so easy, even with the most lifeless of hair!  The CoriolissPlatinum Zebra and Red Leopard Glamour Wands benefit from negative ion and far infrared technologies, which means you can wave goodbye to static hair and frizz.  The professional temperature control lets you decide how hot you want to go, with a choice of any temperature between 60 and 190°C, and it heats up in less than 30 seconds!



Make sure your party hair is how you like it, with our magical glamour wand tips:
  •  If you want tight curls then wrap small sections of hair tightly round the barrel and leave to curl for a few seconds.
  •  If you want looser curls then wrap wider sections.
  •   For a modern look don't wind the barrel up to the root. Leave a couple of inches straight at the root.
  • Use a lower heat setting to create looser curls and wavy styles.
If, like us, you like things that match, then check out these Corioliss straighteners in Platinum Zebra and Red Leopard!






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