Paint Yourself Perfect! - Monday, January 9, 2012

Unless you are a trained professional, achieving those perfectly painted talons isn’t the easiest challenge to come by. If, like many, you have two left hands, painting your nails can end up looking like you have been customised by a 5 year old. Whether you’re unable to keep within the lines or you’re constantly smudging your nails, we understand how difficult it is to keep your fingers looking impeccable. That’s why at Salon Secrets we offer the most innovative solutions to your sticky situations!

Firstly we have the Essie Nail Corrector:
Tidy up your nails with this corrector pen, cleaning the edges of your nails removing the excess polish you will never know that you didn’t get it right the first time. This pen can even be used to tidy up smile lines on a French manicure. This pen is effortless and even comes with a ‘handy’ replacement tip.
For those of you on a budget we have this Nail Polish Corrector Pen:
At half the price this corrector pen will tidy up your nails without breaking the bank. Designed to clean around the edges of your nail, you have no excuse not to have immaculately painted nails!
Finally we have the Orly Smudge Fixer:
We have all done it, painted our nails like a true professional to then go and smudge it. Well now you can repair that flawless finish with this smudge fixer from Orly. The magical formula means you can simply paint over the smudged nail to restore the polish perfection, truly amazing!

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Smooth Styling! - Friday, January 6, 2012

Smooth Styling

These days, getting sleek and silky locks has never been easier, just a small slick of Argan Oil will smooth and tame your unruly tresses in an instant! Harvested from the legendary “tree of life”, this Moroccan natural oil is great for cosmetic purposes, and more importantly, it moisturises and calms frizzy hair leaving you with a deliciously shiny ‘do to die for.
We’re die-hard Argan oil fans here at Salon Secrets (as you can probably tell), so imagine our excitement to discover that Diva have launched a brand new range of straighteners with a new “special ingredient"… Not only do the Argan Stylers offer all the usual features of a straightener, but they have floating argan oil infused plates too!  These smooth snag-free plates will leave your hair silky and damage free, infusing your hair with a small dose of the oil as it glides through. Sounds good, yes?
There are four stylers to choose from depending on your hair type:
If you’ve got a short ‘do then this Diva Feel The Heat Slim Argan Styler is definitely for you! We also think it’s great if you’re looking to do detailed work around your hairline, as the narrow plates give you more control and precision!
The Diva Feel The Heat Intelligent Digital Styler will bring out your creative side! It is a universal hair straightener, perfect for curls, flicks and waves as well as super-shiny straight styles!
For long, frizzy or thick hair, there is only one solution - the Diva Feel The Heat Wide Argan Styler! Ideal for straightening or to create beautiful, voluminous, bouncy curls, this styler will tackle those tricky tresses in no time! 
Top of the class, the Diva Feel The Heat Elite Argan Styler is a premium hair straightener to give your hair a silky smoothness and a sensational finish. Heating up to 180 degrees in 20 seconds, these state of the art hair straighteners get hot enough for even the thickest hair. Boasting a superior performance to the standard argan stylers, once you go Elite you won’t want to go back!

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And he show's 'em, Pearly White! - Thursday, January 5, 2012

The generation of perfect teeth has landed! Long gone are the days when British people had bad teeth, as with home bleaching kits readily available it has never been so easy to achieve that A-list smile. With celebrities like Beyoncé and Jessica Alba sporting perfectly white gnashes, it’s no surprise that teeth bleaching has become a beauty must. 

So why has this become such a trend? Looking after your teeth should always be high on your beauty regime, but with drinks such as coffee and red wine determined to ruin your smile, it has become increasingly difficult to keep your smile perfected. 

So how do you achieve these pearly whites?
Teethwhite Home Whitening kit is a professional bleaching kit designed for home use and is clinically proven to achieve results of up to 12 shades lighter, with visible results after only a few treatments.
With a choice of strengths of 10% or 16% and pack size of either 6 or 15 vials, you are sure to find the right kit for you. The 10% Teeth Whitening Kit is ideal for younger customers and those who experience sensitivity, the 16% Teeth Whitening Kit are designed for customers that have no sensitivity and heavy staining.
So treatments once only available to the rich and famous are now available for you to use in the comfort of your own home and watch your confidence increase. Amazing!

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Pump up the Volume! - Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Have you got Little Mix hair envy like us? This season, one thing is for sure: big is definitely better! So if your hair is lacking a bit of va va voom in the volume department, don't despair - very few of us are lucky enough to be blessed with it! Instead, we’ve put together our favourite selection of “cheats” to achieve that look at home…it’s ok, your secret is safe with us!

Osis: Dust It
Perfect for root volume! The Schwarzkopf Osis: Dust It is an innovative powder that can be applied directly to the hair or teased through with your hands, giving your tresses a matt finish with lightweight texture and separation.  Its amazing lightweight formula is suitable for all hair types and doesn't affect the natural movement of hair, giving you an ultra-light natural style control!
L'Oreal Serie Expert Volume Expand Rootlift Spray
Get big, voluminous hair from root to tip with the L’Oreal Serie Expert Volume Expand Root Lift Spray.  It is formulated with mineral calcium to give fine hair lots of body, bounce and enhanced volume. Working from root to tip, your hair will be left soft, supple and with enough body to give you the va va voom factor!
Natural Volume Mousse 300ml Wella Professionals
Embrace big sexy hair that you can swoosh with this mousse from Wella Professionals, keeping your hair soft, natural and crisp free!  With a hold level of 2, you can create holding volume but with a moveable swish, and the touchable and glossy shine finish will even make you feel (and look) irresistible.
Embrace big sexy hair that you can swoosh with this mousse from Wella Professionals, keeping your hair soft, natural and crisp free!  With a hold level of 2, you can create holding volume but with a moveable swish, and the touchable and glossy shine finish will even make you feel (and look) irresistible.

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