Perfecting your Nails! - Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Having beautiful nails is something women across the world abide by, up there with having beautiful hair - perfecting your nails is a beauty must. But if like most women you have nail problems, whether you can’t stop biting them or perhaps they are on the brittle side, we have just the tricks for you.

Orly No Bite is a unique bitter tasting nail bite deterrent that helps break the habit, leaving you with healthy and strong nails while promoting nail growth.
Orly Ridgefiller is a smoothing primer and basecoat composed of a unique blend of minerals that actively fills in ridges and evens the nail surface.
Orly Tough Cookie is a nail strengthener enriched with extracts that reinforces soft, brittle nails, enabling nails to grow long, strong and smooth.
Orly Nailtrition is perfect or peeling and split nails that just won't grow. This two week treatment programme will give you the results you have been looking for.
Or if you are looking for a quick and easy simple trick, try this 4 way buffer. Simply shape your nails with the file, buff over each nail with the slightly ruff side of the buffer and then use the smooth side to give your nails an immediate shine. You will notice much better condition in your nails, as well as longer wear from your nail varnish.
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80's Style Crimping! - Friday, January 13, 2012

All fashion decades make a comeback at some point and with the 80’s being a fashion focal point for last year and this year, it is no surprise that crimped hair is a fashion must.

At some point in most young girls livess we have been a proud owner of crimping irons, so whether you’re lucky enough to dust off your retro numbers or modern enough to buy a new shiny pair we have some crazy wacky styles for all you budding fashionistas.
For a bit of lift:
For limp and flat hair that simply needs a lift, mini crimpers are just the trick for you. Taking sections of your hair from underneath the top layer of hair, crimp the roots only. Then smooth your top layer of hair over to hide your little secret. This gives you instant height and volume without dramatically changing your look.
For a touch of style:
For those of you who aren’t quite ready to go the full crimp, simply take small random sections of your hair and crimp these pieces from the root to tip. This will give you a hint of style without all that large hair to handle!
For masses of style:
Dare to volumise? Think you have got what it takes to handle a mane? Using these crimpers, section all of your hair into medium size sections and crimp from root to tip. You will soon be looking like you have stepped out of a time machine from the 80’s.


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Core Four! - Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have you ever been envious of women with perfectly applied make-up? Have you ever wondered ‘how they do it’? Well the answer is simple – quality make-up brushes. We kid you not, getting your make-up brush just right can be more important than getting your foundation colour correct. Here we will give you tips on how to apply your make-up, which main brushes to use and how you can actually save yourself pennies.

Foundation Brush

Foundation is a miracle, a way to hide behind your imperfections if you must. However it is one of those products that you be perfect or go terribly wrong. So how do you avoid such travesties as the latter? The answer is simple, a foundation brush!
Smoothly applying your foundation and leaving a flawless finish, you are able to blend your foundation seamlessly into your jaw line with much better control, leaving a streak free application. This brush even uses less product than a normal application sponge, meaning that your foundation lasts longer.



Depending on the type of coverage you want depends on which brush to use. Rounded powder brushes achieve maximum coverage while  flat powder brushes obtain a much lighter application. Depending on your make-up preference will obviously depend on which brush you should go for. In our opinion you should have both at hand, to determine your preference. You may even require a light touch up hours after application when the fan brush would be much more suitable.

For soft application rounder blusher brushes are recommended to use, making sure you softly swoop the apples of cheek for a hint of colour, this is great for a classic day look. For a more dramatic evening look, slanted blushes give this effect. Giving your cheeks a higher definition with a more generous layer of colour, this brush can really define your face. Make sure you don't take the colour right to the hairline as this can look dated and messy.

Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrows can completely change the dynamic of your face and it comes as no surprise that eyebrows are becoming a major player in the beauty industry with the likes of ‘Scouse brows’ and ‘HD brows’. Therefore it is so important to get your brows looking just right and the shape of the brush is ultra-important when it comes to eyebrow shaping. To save your pennies it is much cheaper to colour your brows using a matte eye shadow, rather than a pencil, not only will it last longer but it is easier to apply. Just simply load onto the eyebrow brush, tap off any excess, and brush this through the brows, making sure you have measured the eyebrows so they are the correct length.
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Rolling on the River - Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For those of you local to the River Mersey you were already well aware of this so called ‘roller girl’. It was back in 2008 when this trend first hit the shores of Liverpool, with the likes of Abbie Clancy, Coleen Rooney and Jennifer Elison stepping out in their giant rollers, it even managed to make national headlines with the likes of the Daily Mail reporting on this so called craze.

Now entering 2012 this craze has well and truly developed into a trend among glam girls across the country , even celebrities such as Katie Price and Beyonce have jumped on the band wagon. And if any of you still weren’t familiar with this fashion hit, then Desperate Scousewives has confirmed any doubts, with most of their cast memebers sporting this look.
So what makes this trend so popular?
Hair stylist Andrea Daly of Barbara Daly Hair and Beauty in Lime Street explained to the Liverpool Echo: "It's a status thing. It announces the fact you're going out that night and intend to have the biggest, most gorgeous hair possible." So is it a convenience, is it a fashion trend or do these girls simply just want beautiful hair? Either way this latest accessory has us wanting to reach for our rollers too, especially if it means achieving locks worthy of Beyonce!


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