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Don't Fear The Salon - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

 Don't Fear The Salon

Fed up of leaving the salon disappointed with your new look? At Salons Secrets HQ we know that changing your look can be daunting and expensive so you want to make sure you get it right. Well, the good news is, we’re here to help. This handy little guide will make sure that you step out of the salon with a spring in your step and the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Before doing anything you need to ask yourself some important questions

1) What Type of Hair Have I Got? – Fine, limp, thick, think, course, porous… there are many (often confusing) different hair types. Don’t let this put you off though, in order to know what your hair is capable of you need to know your type. Before booking your salon appointment, it’s worth popping in for a consultation with a stylist who will be able to tell you your hair type.

2) Will My Hair Match My Lifestyle? – Your lifestyle will dictate how much time and money you can spend on your hair. If your lifestyle allows it, go mad but most of us have other commitments. Gym bunnies should think about a style that is easy to blow dry. Also, if you have cash flow issues, it might be best to avoid bold colours that need regular touch ups.

3) Is My Hair the Right Length? – Be realistic! Remember, your stylist is not a miracle worker and, failing getting extensions, they will have to work with the hair you have.

The Style Options

1) Going Short – If you have an oval or heart shaped face, short hair can look amazing. Shorter hair also suits those with small features as it really makes them stand out. Plus, think of all the time you will save not styling in the morning.

2) The Layered Look - If you have fine or lack-lustre hair then opting for layers can give your hair added movement and texture. Layers are also great for providing a feminine frame to round or long faces.

3) Go for a Fringe? – There is literally a fringe for every occasion as they sit well with most face shapes, long fringes especially. However, if you don’t have a round face it might be best to sweep your fringe to the side to prevent your face looking overly angular.

Colour Guide

1) Light and Natural – if you are just wanting to enhance the shade you already have the secret is to make changes subtlety. Only stray 3 shades away from your natural colour. For the most natural effects, blondes should go for highlights whilst brunettes should use semi-permanent colour.

2) Shiny and Solid – If you are looking for a shade that will give your hair a healthy shine the quickest way is to go for an all over semi-permanent tone. Boost your hair with a deep conditioning treatment to keep the shine looking healthy.

3) A Flash of Colour – Colour is where you can show a bit of individuality. To bring a bit of brightness to dark shades, opting for lowlights is generally a good idea. The thin strips of muted shades will not only add movement but also give off the appearance of filtered light.

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6 Top Tips - Stay Cool This Summer - Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 Looking good in summer requires a totally different skill set to the cooler months. Normally well behaved hair can turn frizzy, eye shadow turns to grease and hair colour fades, nightmare. No need to worry though, Salon Secrets has prepared 6 top tips to help you keep your cool this summer.

1) Embrace the Heat – face it, summer and super straight hair don’t mix. The humidity will turn even the most naturally straight hair curly. Rather than fight it, get on board. Curly beach hair is a good summertime look and really manageable with anti-frizz products.

2) Fading Hair Colour –We all know that the heat can cause hair colour to fade. Nothing looks better in summer than lighter hair. Plus, if your new tan is making your hair seem a bit ‘blah’, maybe now is the time to liven it up with some highlights.

3) Ditch the Foundation – Some girls can’t cope without their foundation but this can become an issue during summer. Wearing foundation in the sun can lead to you overheating and your foundation forming a ‘cakey’ texture to boot. Our top tip is to replace the foundation with a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer will still cover up any blemishes but without excess heat.

4) Daring Digits – The good weather will mean that you will probably be flaunting your toes a lot. To make sure they stand out in the summer sun, we suggest going for bold, vibrant colours like green or orange. They look great on most skin types and will make you stand out; just make sure you consider whether your colours match your sandals.

5) Avoid Makeup Meltdown – We know how annoying it is when your eye shadow starts seeping into your eyelid creases. To avoid this simply prime your lids with an eye shadow base, this will have the effect of making your base work like primer. If you get a good base you should find that your eyeliner will hold in place but to be certain apply eye shadow over the line to set it. It’s also a good summer time tip to skip pencil eyeliners and go for liquid liners instead as these will budge less as the day goes on. Finally, waterproof mascara is a must.

6) Wear Your Hair High – You might always wear your hair down but during summer this increases the chance of sweat ruining your hairdo. As well as looking great in the sun, pony tails, loose buns, headbands or ballerina bands will stop this from happening. 

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