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Beginner's Guide To Nail Art - Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beginner's Guide To Nail Art

Nail art is bigger than ever before, the internet is awash with fresh designs, new looks and stunning ideas. Why not get involved? Read this post for some great tips on getting your nail art looking tip top.

1) Walk don’t run

Remember, everyone has to start somewhere. Keep things simple to start with. Use simple designs such as polka dots, tips and leopard prints, then, when you have mastered them move on to more complex designs.

2) Work towards a design

Before you start it’s a good idea to make a mock sketch of what you want your final design to look like. As well as clarifying your ideas, this sketch will allow you to work out what colours/polishes you need as well as being a good point of reference while you make your beautiful creations come to life.

3) Applying polish

Place polish on a piece of scrap paper, take your dotting tool (if you don’t have one use the end of a bobby pin) to dip into your polish before applying to the nail (see pictures below). Make sure you use more polish than you anticipate necessary as if you allow the polish to thicken it can often result in stringing.

4) Mistakes don’t matter

Messing up doesn’t mean you have to start again. Let’s face it, you will mess up at some point so make it work for you. Maybe the odd stripe won’t look right or you accidentally put a spot on your nails, rather than start again, just amend as you go. As the picture below shows, you are better turning a mess into a success than giving up.

5) Keep your designs looking the business

It’s important to get good quality black or white polish as these are two important colours in nail art. Also, make sure that when finishing your design you clean up the edges and cuticles. It is important to keep these areas polish free, after all, you want your designs to be the main focus, not the edges. Finally, it is essential you taking care when ‘locking in’ your work. To do this well, make sure you have your nails at least 60% dry before applying a top coat so you don’t ‘drag’ the polish. Normally, 35-45 minutes is enough to let your nails go completely dry.

So, now you have read this guide. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start making your own nail creations.


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