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Welcome to Salon Secrets - Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome to Salon Secrets, we are glad to see that you have made it to our shiny new website. 

So formalities aside, who are Salon Secrets I hear, you ask? Other than being your Glamour Fairy God Mother, we are simply a team of Angels aiming to please. Our website has been designed with you in mind, which has meant us fluttering about getting everything just perfect and making sure you have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Gathering inspiration from glamorous countries across the world we have brought to you the exotic pleasures of Thai Skin Therapy and Moroccan Berber Oil. Perhaps you may fancy a bit of funk, well look no further than our hair and nail colour ranges with vibrant shades of red’s, blues and greens. Or maybe you just want to bring the salon into your living room? Either way we have what you want to look good, and for that you’ve got to love us.

And if all of this didn’t sound exciting enough, then let us introduce you to our SSTV channel.  We have taken the best products, top professionals, a touch of celebrity and a whole lot of advice to create a mix of tutorials brought to you by the lovely Salon Secrets team. On a weekly basis you will find new product reviews, style and how to guides, superb tips, and enough knowledge to burst your beautifully styled head. Make sure you keep up to date with us and we will make sure you’re strutting the latest key trends, because we wouldn’t want you missing out, would we?  

So, make sure you look around our website at all of our handpicked products, and if you find something you like, leave us a review, or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. We love a bit of feedback and anything to get to know you guys better is OK with us! 

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